Follow The Oracle Discover The Secret Wisdom and DARE To Live Life To The Max!

Follow The Oracle Discover The Secret Wisdom and DARE To Live Life To The Max!

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Follow The OracleDiscover The 
Secret Wisdom
DARE To Live Life
To The Max! 

7 Ways to Live Life to the Max
by Dennis A. Curyer M.A
(About The Author)

Once upon a time, there was a fisherman who never put a lid on his basket of lobsters. When asked was he not afraid of them climbing over the edge and getting away, he said, “Heck no, the moment one makes a bid for freedom all of the others drag him back in".

Do you have lobsters in your life?

The lobsters are in the form of parents, children, relatives, friends, work associates, those in authority, etc. who, though well intentioned, will attempt to discourage you from your ambitions.

The greatest gift you have been given is the freedom to make choices. Use this gift to its maximum.  You have in front of you the key to secret wisdom.  If you use it,  you will unlock the secret to having all your dreams come true.

7 Ways To Live Life To The Max is that key and it’s just within your reach!  Within the bytes and bits lies wisdom for the ages.  Not just a guide to happier living, it is a treasure chest of principles that will make your every wish come true.

 Are you down in the dumps?

 Do you suffer from depression?

 Are you burnt out?

 Looking for a new lease onlife?

 Are you lacking goals or direction?

 Wondering what life is all about and what your role is?


This book has been written to empower people to live with excitement and energy.  What are the 7 Ways To Live Life To The Max ?

  1. Maxers Know the Big Picture While Not Ignoring The Small One
  2. Maxers Live In The Real World
  3. Maxers Live By A Code Of Ethics
  4. Maxers Live Their Dreams By Conquering Their Fears
  5. Maxers Are Lovers
  6. Maxers Let Go To Hang On
  7. Maxers Give And Know That Giving Is The Measure Of Greatness

You were not created to fail. You were created to win, to live a meaningful life, and to fulfil the measure of your creation.  Remember, the greatest gift you have been given is the freedom to make choices.

Use this gift to its maximum. Do not let it sit on the shelf and rust, or gather dust and become a museum piece. Do not give anyone your Power of Attorney to make decisions and choices about your life.

Make the right choice now. . .don’t wait. . .you deserve to “live life to the max"!



All this knowledge for
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P.S. Please Don’t Order this product unless you are truly committed to making positive changes in your life.  If you dare to live life to the max, don’t wait, order now!




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