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Danny Gregory

sbs-on-mac Koosje and I are both the type of people who tend to do everything ourselves. But as Sketchbook Skool has expanded, we have worked to wean ourselves of this habit. We hired Morgan Green, our wonderful Dean of Students and then we retained the LA design firm, Third Thing, to design a new website and a proper identity system for us. It’s ironic that I have been on the other side of the table for thirty years but now I am the client of smart, talented creative people. They have been extraordinary to work with and I have learned so much from them. Our site just went live. Please check it out and, if you haven’t already, sign up for the next semester of Sketchbook Skool, starting next week!

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蛋黃油妙用多 FB粉絲專頁, 複方卵磷脂精油的愛用顧客寶貴的經歷分享。 蛋黃油卵磷脂是人體每一個細胞所不可缺少的物質,如缺乏就會降低皮膚細胞的再生能力,導致皮膚粗糙,有皺紋。 故而適當攝取卵磷脂,皮膚的再生活力就可以得到保障,再加上卵磷脂同時具有親水性與親油性,皮膚當然就會有光澤了。 另外,卵磷脂所含的肌醇還是毛髮的主要營養物,能抑制脫髮使白髮慢慢變黑。 #生命不能重來 #健康從食用好油開始 意者請洽俞小姐:0933-065808 市話:02-24978169 劉太大:0906-127827 線上購物 https://www.haonature.com 如有需要訂作、批發:卵磷脂精油各類手作商品 請洽:02-24978169,俞老師:0933-065808。 瑞芳區民權街23巷2號1樓 佳禾產業有限公司駐瑞芳區品蔚養生設計工作室 來訪前請提早預約。 各地方零售商請洽: 近三重區的朋友請洽:正揚整復館,白老師0955931533。 近台中市區的朋友請洽:陳先生,0955816989。 近高雄市區的朋友請洽:張先生,0988273831。 地址:高雄市三民街 294 號。 劉昌賢 手機:0906127827 市話:02-24978169 美好的一天~生活館 https://www.haonature.com



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